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So, for Yuletide I wrote one longer fic, one short piece that wasn't a drabble and a bunch of drabbles. Only one of which saw very many hits, but that's yuletide. Small fandoms for the win!

The Adventure of the Shanghaied Surgeon for Plumedy. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1954). Even when Holmes doesn't get him into trouble, Watson gets into trouble. This was my longfic, about 5600 words, and I beat on it with a large stick and the help of donutsweeper, who kept me from despairing when it became apparent I'd gone the wrong direction for a thousand words. The '54 Holmes series is a delight in many ways, with a combination of great humor, occasional pathos, and a real sense that these are Adventures and not just mysteries. It was fun to try to match the style and still make it clear that this was Watson and Holmes and no one else.

Dignity, Always Dignity for LovelyPoet. Singin' in the Rain drabble. It's going to be a Great Depression after all. LovelyPoet wanted the threesome sometime in the future, so I gave her a bit of fluff to counterbalance the knowledge that history is going to get rough on them.

Hidden Fires for echoinautumn. A Civil Contract- Georgette Heyer drabble wherein I attempt convey that Adam kind of likes it when he discovers new depths to Jenny a few years along the way. I had to cut so many words out of this to get it down to 100 that I think I may come back to it someday and try something longer.

No Law Against Looking forGray_Cardinal. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. The prompt suggested that Lestrade was a descendent of Holmes, so I went back and watched the first episode. I kind of thought it was ambiguous, but the idea was too enticing to resist, hence this drabble. Because it must be admit SH22 Holmes is cute!

Fair Trade for mayhap. Trixie Belden. I loved these books when I was a kid. I think my first exposure to the idea of fanfiction was sitting up at night listening to my sister tell Trixie Belden stories she'd made up in her head. This drabble reflects what I've often felt about Trixie and Honey, particularly in the first few books. I was so happy to see the prompt that inspired me to write it!

From Here to Eternity for hydrangea. Valdemar. I had fun with this drabble. The idea of Vanyel and Stefan stuck in the forest for all those years has always niggled at me, so I took my chance to play. I nearly made the last line be about a snow dragon, but I decided at the last minute that... well, go and read. It's only a hundred words!

Transition for bastoni. Beetlejuice. The prompt wondered about Lydia in the afterlife. I wondered how she'd get there. Another drabble, and one of my better received pieces this yuletide.

Destiny for isabeau, who wanted the Minions from the Despicable Me movies. I love the Minions. But I confess to not yet having figured out how to write Minion dialogue. Hence this drabble, which is more of a contemplation. As much as Minions contemplate anything...

Comfort for kestraTroi7. I had to go reread Rowan of Rin by Emily Rodda to remember much about the character the prompt wanted, but it didn't take long -- and I do love that book, for its thoughtfulness about fear, and what courage means, and what social pressures can do. The drabble was my attempt to think about how the experience of being trapped in a cavern might change someone with lifelong claustrophobia, and while not very many people read this one, I'm rather pleased with how it came out.

Where the Heart Is for sonicshambles. Jane of Lantern Hill by L.M. Montgomery. I was so glad to see this prompt. I love this book so much, even though for some reason I can never get very far in the Anne books. But Jane, oh Jane, is one of my favorite comfort reads, and I couldn't resist a drabble about her and her favorite place in all the world.

Aldonza for Cinaed. Man of La Mancha. This is the one short thing I wrote which wasn't a drabble. It reprises one of the songs and gives it to Aldonza. I was pretty happy with it until I handed it for beta to someone who actually knows how to make a song singable. *sigh* Ah well, it came out kind of singable, but then again no one actually has to sing it, so I hope that's good enough.

Progress for Artifactrix. The Railway series. As in Thomas the Tank Engine. This drabble is one of the last things I wrote, and I probably got the world a bit wrong, as neither I nor my beta were as familiar with the books as we ought to be. I was going to try to read one of them, but everything at the library was out except for a Thomas ABC book. I faked it anyway, and even if it isn't canon accurate, I like the idea of Sir Topham Hatt having to make a decision about outdated tech which I pulled from the prompt.

Transfer of Title for DWEmma. Another excuse to look at a children's book I love. This time it was Tom's Midnight Garden. I had fun imagining a future where Tom might be the one who is meeting some other time traveller in a garden, but I couldn't fit it all into 100 words (and I didn't have enough time left to write a full length fic) so I wrote this instead. :D

A Kisa in the Night for Morbane. This one is for a story from the Brown Fairy Book called "Kisa the Cat". It isn't one I'd remembered from childhood, when I read the fairy books, but reading it as an adult gave me all kinds of ideas. Only one of which made it into the drabble. But it was a good one! (And yes, by now I was raiding the library shelves for canons I could absorb or reabsorb very very quickly.)

Stepmother for celeria, from Into the Woods (the play, not the movie.) I kept thinking about Cinderella and the Baker's child, and that moment when the baby is grown up enough to think that it's time to set out in search of an adventure or a wish. I may come back to this someday and think about Cinderella as the witch, too, but in a drabble, you do what's possible.

Exit, Stage Left for Meltha. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is one of those books that simply needs to be experienced. They did a nice job turning it into a film, but the book is still worth finding. I got a kick out of the chance to skim through it again in search of ideas, but in the end it was working out the timeline that made me want to write this drabble. So much awaited Hugo and Isabelle in their future, but this moment must have stung for a long time.

King of the Hill for LadyOscar. Hawaii Five-O. The original series. The prompt had me remembering listening to one of the episodes (I couldn't see it, it was on a station that was nothing but a blizzard of static visually from my house at the time) where Danny Williams got shot and held pretty much captive by a Vietnam war vet with a severe case of PTSD. Of course, I didn't know what PTSD was at the time, I was just caught up by how worried McGarrett sounded about his friend. When I finally actually saw the episode it was good, but I liked it almost better when I had to imagine what was happening. So I imagined this too, and behold, the last drabble I snuck in, just before the collection went live.

*whew* Not nearly as many as last year, but still, that was a lot of fandoms!

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Date: 2015-01-01 02:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shirebound.livejournal.com
Wow, that's a ton of fic! Good for you.

And Happy New Year!

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Date: 2015-01-01 06:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rabidsamfan.livejournal.com
And happy New Year to you too!

Most of it was drabbles, but I enjoyed writing again.
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