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rabidsamfan: samwise gamgee, I must see it through (quest)

Still on the Quest

Home of the endlessly revised words

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I got into this for the stories...

If you did the same, I've put most of the lotr fics in my journal into memories and you'll find the links: HERE.

If you're after New Avengers stuff, start here.

I like to write. I like to write stories. I like to use characters I know from other sources. Those sources are not mine. I'm borrowing willy-nilly from multiple sources and playing in other people's sandboxes. I'm not even pretending to make a profit from it, because if there were money involved it should go to the people who invented the toys. Expect a certain amount of cross-references. My head is full and it leaks...

"There are only three times you absolutely must change something in your writing to suit someone else's notions. The first is when you've made a mistake which interferes with understanding, like using the wrong word or spelling a word incorrectly, in which case you should make the correction promptly, without argument. The second is when you've decided to do so because you've got something better to put in its place, whether it was your idea or your editor's. And the third is when you need the paycheck more than you need your pride."

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