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I am composing this as I go along, and won't finish for a few days, but in general I like:

what happens next
missing scenes
hurt comfort that is heavy on the comfort
fix it fics
alternate universes of the "turned left at Albuquerque" variety
angst with a glimmer of light at the end or a happy resolution.

My Do Not Wants are
Good characters being evil
On-screen torture or non-consensual sex (recovery fics are okay, though, see heavy on the comfort above)
For Yuletide, I don't want AUs where the characters are in a different milieu like coffeeshop or highschool,etc. because I don't have enough of the original verse.

I strongly suggest looking at past letters unless I manage to get more detailed with this one. I am running a fever right now, and they're more coherernt than I am.

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I hope you'll have fun writing for me this year! I'm pretty easy to please, barring the squicks I've mentioned at the bottom of this letter, as long as I can recognize the characters I've asked for. I love slice of life, alternating viewpoints, fluff, "what comes next", fix it fics, kidfics, gen, sex or violence up to PG levels, hurt/comfort (heavy on the comfort), crack taken seriously, crack taken to the extreme, happy endings, character studies, alternate viewpoint of canon, missing scenes, alternate universes of the "diverging from canon" kind, and stories similar to what canon provides. and, well, if you go through my past letters you'll get a fairly good idea of just how catholic my tastes can be. I only ask that you remember I'm asking for these fandoms because there isn't much out there, so I'd rather not have AUs where you stick the characters into a different scenario, like high school or a coffee shop. Well, maybe the Mod Squad. Undercover. But, you know, still cops...


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It's that time of year again, and I've written so much in the optional details I'm not sure this isn't gilding the lily. But the possibility of treats is too much to ignore, so please, dear writer, be patient with my excessive burbling. Truth is, I love all of these characters, and I'll be happy with anything that gets the people pretty much right, but please take a gander at my DNWs at the bottom of this letter.

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Fair Warning... I'm pretty much composing this as I go along making requests, so you can expect it to get edited a few times over the course of the week. But I wanted the link for the request thingy. ETA It should be just about right now. I think...

First of all, thank you for writing for me! I ramble a lot in this letter, and propose a number of possibilities, but if you've got an idea that doesn't appear here, that's all to the good. I say "I want" a lot, but it isn't exclusive. The things I don't want will probably come clear as you go along. My earlier DYW letters are probably more coherent...

In general, for these fandoms I would like you to stay close to the canon. No AUs of the coffeeshop or high school kind, please. There just isn't enough fanfic of the ordinary sort to satisfy my cravings as it is. Taking the canon and diverging from the timeline is okay, though. I like crossovers, generally, and only request that you choose something which either blends well with what I've asked for or is completely gone over to the crackfic side of the force.

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Please feel free to look at older yuletide letters under the tag, but for the fandoms I hastily chose from this year's tagset, here are some notes.

Brat Farrar - Josephine Tey
I'd love to know what happens after the book. Or possibly see what happens in the book from Jane's side of things.

Sherlock Holmes (US TV 1954)
This is my comfort version of Sherlock Holmes. I love this young, playful Holmes and his strong, if somewhat gullible Watson! Anything echoing that would be great, but there are a couple of episodes which are a bit darker, and times when there's real danger. Exploring those would be good. I'm a sucker for hurt comfort.

Hardy Boys - Franklin W. Dixon
Frank was always my favorite. Get him into trouble!

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
Rereading this lately I realized that Martha is really the first person to treat Mary like a human being. I'd love to see a story where Mary realizes it too. Perhaps Archibald Craven decides to make everything grand and Martha is reduced to a scullery maid? But a focus on Martha would be nice.

Thank you.
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Here we are again, another year, another request for the New Avengers... )

I recently reread Terry Pratchett's Nation and I got to thinking )

Without a Clue )

And then there's Tris. )

I read everything from angst to farce, every rating, gen, het, and slash, serious or silly, and I love a good fandom trope done with the glee it deserves. I'm generally good with humor or brightfic, but I do have some things I'm wary of on the more serious end of the scale. Dark!heroes need to be written exceptionally well for example, with the barest of twists from canon characterization (more like shadowy than actually dark, if that makes any sense), and I'm awfully fussy about genderbent characters, because it's so difficult to manage it without losing the essential nature of the character and still having the new gender feel like it wasn't plastered on. I squick on incest, pederasty and torture, unless the perpetrators are clearly bad guys and even then I don't want details, thanks. I've never seen a story labelled "hatesex" that I wanted to click through to read, and I'm wary of secretive adultery although I'm perfectly happy with cheerful non-monogamy when everyone knows the score. I generally want comfort with my hurt, and for this yuletide I truly do want an hopeful ending if you've delved into the angst bucket.

Thank you!
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Thank you thank you thank you.

Editing a bit after reading this.

If you're reading this, know that even though I tend to write angsty h/c (and like it) I also enjoy humor and anything that reflects whichever canon you chose. I hope you like the plotbunnies I sent your way, but if you've got others please give them carrots. Just don't kill anyone off for Christmas, okay? (After Christmas, that sort of thing is fair game, but deathfic isn't what I want to read this time of year.) Of course that probably started a bunny...

I asked for the Avengers, specifically the New Avengers with Gambit and Purdey and Steed because one of the most enjoyable crushes I've had in my life was on Mike Gambit, and I still think he's sexy. I'd particularly love anything that makes them a strong trio though, be it gen or smut. The banter is half the fun. (If you're in the UK, they're going to start showing the episodes again on BBC4 as of Thursday!)

I asked for a peek at the characters from Georgette Heyer's "A Civil Contract" because I like Adam and Jenny, and I'd enjoy seeing them settled into their lives. I also can't help but wonder how much of his grandfather has gotten into their son!

I asked for something with Watson from the Sherlockian fandom because I've loved him longer than just about any character in fiction, and right now I'm kind of fascinated by the thought of him as not only Holmes's biographer, but also as a doctor and military man and veteran in his own right. And because a story with Holmes but no Watson never seems to keep my interest long...

And the fourth possible request, for Keladry of Mindelan, is pretty much completely open, I'd think. It would be neat to have her meet the gryphon again, but if you've got another bunny, go for it.

I don't mind smut, but I prefer happy, friendly consensual smut, and insist on it being between grownups. I'm also perfectly happy with gen stories. And to me the point of hurt comfort is the comfort or to jar someone who wouldn't normally say or do something nice into saying or doing it. *whew* I think that covers everything...

Thanks again! (I hope the expanded edition makes more sense.)
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