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Here we are again, another year, another request for the New Avengers. As usual, what I'm really hoping for is a nice smutty threesome between Purdey, Steed, and Gambit, since the one very good writer in this tiny fandom is unlikely to ever write that scenario, but I'll cheerfully settle for whatever I can get. I'd love a focus on Mike, though, since Purdey and Steed both got episodes about their pasts and he never did. If you've never watched the series, most of the episodes (and there are only 26 in total) have been posted over at youtube by some kind soul. The DVDS may be available in the UK, they're not so available in the US. The series had lots of lovely banter and car chases, and included everything from dodgy science to wild seventies fashions, angst to farce, so there's really no reason you can't get away with whatever your plot bunnies toss into the mix.

I recently reread Terry Pratchett's Nation and I got to thinking about what Mau and Daphne's lives would be like after the end of the story. A series of letters between them would be lovely. But then again, so would a bit more of detail about Daphne's time on the island after the tsunami. The bits that got elided over in the book.

Without a Clue is such a lovely AU for Sherlock Holmes that I can't resist it. And despite the antagonism between the two leads, there's some genuine liking as well. (And maybe a touch of co-dependence?) In any case, the two characters in the movie with the best position to observe and deduce things about "Holmes" and Watson are Mrs. Hudson and Wiggins, who are both in on the deception. I'd love to see more from their points of view, or interactions with Watson and "Holmes" where Mrs. Hudson or Wiggins have a chance to make comments. Watson whumpage is always welcome at this address, of course, but I'd probably be delirious if you managed to take a canon case and rewrite it for that 'verse. The Red Headed League, perhaps? Or what would Sign of the Four look like if it were Reginald Kincaid desperately trying to undermine Watson's potential romance with Mary Morstan?

And then there's Tris. Of all of the children in Tamora Pierce's Emelan stories, Tris is the one I am most intrigued by. I want to know what she was like as a very small child, when she was still just beginning to like wind and thunder and still just beginning to realize that she wasn't really wanted in her home. Was there at least one person, a grandparent or even a servant, who loved her anyway before they left or died? At the same time, I'm curious about what she becomes after the stories we've read are done. She's terrifically powerful -- how does that bend her world? Does it attract the wrong sort of attention from other powerful magic users? Does it make her ruthlessness gradually turn into something worse? (And can her friends stop her if they really see the need?) Will she become a dedicate of the Temple, eventually, in her search for how best to use her brain, her heart, and her magic? I love the other characters in the series, but it's Tris I'd like you to focus on.

I read everything from angst to farce, every rating, gen, het, and slash, serious or silly, and I love a good fandom trope done with the glee it deserves. I'm generally good with humor or brightfic, but I do have some things I'm wary of on the more serious end of the scale. Dark!heroes need to be written exceptionally well for example, with the barest of twists from canon characterization (more like shadowy than actually dark, if that makes any sense), and I'm awfully fussy about genderbent characters, because it's so difficult to manage it without losing the essential nature of the character and still having the new gender feel like it wasn't plastered on. I squick on incest, pederasty and torture, unless the perpetrators are clearly bad guys and even then I don't want details, thanks. I've never seen a story labelled "hatesex" that I wanted to click through to read, and I'm wary of secretive adultery although I'm perfectly happy with cheerful non-monogamy when everyone knows the score. I generally want comfort with my hurt, and for this yuletide I truly do want an hopeful ending if you've delved into the angst bucket.

Thank you!
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