Feb. 9th, 2014

rabidsamfan: samwise gamgee, I must see it through (quest)
Okay, I've committed myself to the Wip Big Bang, at least for the Sherlock Holmes story. I've also recruited betas for all three wips, and I'm going to try my level best to work on them.

Cheering sections, I'll be trying to write at least every other day on one of the stories and more on weekends. I'll post how many words I've gotten done, and will post storybits as the betas approve them for Errand Lad and Dirtier. The Sherlock story should be ready by the end of the challenge, but I'm not supposed to post it anywhere. I'll just let you know the word count, perhaps?

And I'll try not to get too distracted by real life. Although at the moment I really do need to do some work that I've been dodging.
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