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I hope you'll have fun writing for me this year! I'm pretty easy to please, barring the squicks I've mentioned at the bottom of this letter, as long as I can recognize the characters I've asked for. I love slice of life, alternating viewpoints, fluff, "what comes next", fix it fics, kidfics, gen, sex or violence up to PG levels, hurt/comfort (heavy on the comfort), crack taken seriously, crack taken to the extreme, happy endings, character studies, alternate viewpoint of canon, missing scenes, alternate universes of the "diverging from canon" kind, and stories similar to what canon provides. and, well, if you go through my past letters you'll get a fairly good idea of just how catholic my tastes can be. I only ask that you remember I'm asking for these fandoms because there isn't much out there, so I'd rather not have AUs where you stick the characters into a different scenario, like high school or a coffee shop. Well, maybe the Mod Squad. Undercover. But, you know, still cops...


Fandom 1. Florence Foster Jenkins. (St. Clair Bayfield Florence Foster Jenkins Cosmé McMoon) I loved this movie, and I wanted more. Just more. Maybe a day when the singing lessons are over and we see more of the routine. More background stories, more of Florence being amazing. Does she sew her own costumes or display her designs one afternoon? I'd love to see how Cosme and St. Clair are swept into her gravitational pull. If you like to write sad stories, tell me what happens after the movie, but keep the love there.


Fandom 2. Alpha Flight. (Kyle Jinadu (Alpha Flight) Jean-Paul Beaubier (Alpha Flight)) Here's a chance to write romance, if that's your cup of tea. Tell me what holds them together. Send them on a picnic to some remote island, or give us a glimpse of Kyle dealing with the flak surrounding Jean-Paul. Want to write adventure? This fandom's a good choice. Want to tell me what the side benefits are of having a speedster for a boyfriend are? Um. Well, yes. I'd probably like that. (But do look at the squicks below!)


Fandom 3. The Frisco Kid. (Tommy, Avram) You could retell their trip across the country, climbing into their heads and I'd be happy. If you're Jewish (I'm not) and you have insights into Avram's choices and behavior, feel free to expound. Tell me more about Tommy. Why did he start robbing trains? Why is he so convinced that he is nothing more than a thief? Is there a little adventure that didn't make the final cut of the movie? A rattlesnake or something? Are there repercussions to Tommy's injuries at the end of the film? (I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort.) Does Tommy convert, eventually? All the questions, and I'm sure you can think of more. Have fun!


Fandom 4. The Mod Squad (Julie Barnes, Pete Cochran, Linc Hayes). Oh, it has been years since I thought about this show. But having remembered it, I'm hoping you can write something which catches the atmosphere of the era. Gen, probably, but even MAD Magazine thought there was something up between Pete and Linc. I'm more inclined to want the kind of "found family" feeling that she show evoked for me though. Maybe a case? Maybe a vacation they take together. Heck, send them to Disneyland and find out why Pete won't ride on the Matterhorn. They can get angsty, but if you can manage a hopeful/happy ending that's always nice.


Fandom 5. New Avengers (John Steed, Purdey, Mike Gambit) This show was a sequel to The Avengers, so it falls into a universe where some very odd things are canonical, but it was a bit more spy oriented and gritty in a seventies kind of way than the sixties original. Still, that gives you leeway to have a wild plot if that's your jam. If you go back through my old letters you'll find all sorts of suggestions for this fandom, because it's the one that I ask for all the time. Don't sweat it, though, if you can't get your hands on the episodes. I like the other fandoms too!


Fandom 6. Riptide (TV) (Cody Allen, Nick Ryder, Murray Bozinsky) I actually wrote a story for this fandom last year, and all that canon review left me hungry for more. More Murray, actually. There's something about the geek that really won my heart. I loved the show best when it didn't treat him as just the comic relief, although I did enjoy much of the humor. Gen is good here, especially a story in the vein of the series. Haul out the tropes, give me some angst or hurt/comfort. Strand Murray somewhere unlikely and have Nick and Cody fretting, or drop them all on an island. Fluff is also fine. (Heck, I like crack. Have them find Gilligan!) If you like a challenge, take a look at the consequences of "Echoes". There are some real repercussions to that which the series never had a chance to explore, for all three of them.

riptide (1)

I've copied this section from last year's letter, because it's still pretty much true.

When I've asked for sex between canon characters I am wanting safe, sane, and consensual. Awkward is good. First times are fun (especially if it's only 'first time with these partner(s)' rather than losing virginity.) Safe words are a must if you go for bondage situations, please, (because trust is hot) but you'd have to work harder than its worth to convince me that the characters in any of the fandoms listed here are seriously into D/s. That said, if you want to write a story where the bad guys have done something awful, like torture, you can reference it: but go light on the details, please? I want to be enthusiastic about my response to you.

My DNWs are a combination of things which fail to float my boat, things which bore me, and things which I will only venture to read in the hands of authors whose skills have given me reason to trust.

I will never like hatesex, pederasty/chan/underage, incest, slavery kinks, slavery AUs, humiliation kinks, and things like bloodplay or scat. You can mention body fluids, because messy sex is messy, but body fluids do not excite me. Nor do any kinds of kinks involving piercing, amputation or other body alterations.

I am bored at best by mpreg and omegaverse and tropes where biology or legal structures determine sexual relationships. I am fussy about genderbending and soulbonding, and you're probably safer not going there.

But my biggest squick is probably good characters turning out to be evil. Don't take a character darker than canon unless you really know them and the canon well. (And even then, be careful not to make them thoroughly bad.) I have read stories with dubcon and noncon I've liked, but so rarely as to make it not worth your odds. If the bad guys are doing that sort of thing "offscreen" and the story is about healing from it, yeah, I like healing/comfort fics. But stay away from my chosen characters being rotten, please.

Also, anything I forgot to mention here, but did in previous DYW letters (follow the tag) is probably still valid. Thanks for reading the gigantic essay. Honestly though, don't worry. I'll probably love what you write.
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