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It's like this. I'm still trying to decide which WIP for the bigbang. I'd really like to try doing it because I might actually snag some artwork for one of the stories, but that's actually made it a bit harder to decide.

So, here are the factors for each story:

The Errand Lad. (Lord of the Rings) Currently at 23119 words, without a scrap sitting in rough draft form, and last worked on Jan 10, 2006. Has 6 people who remember it and still visit my LJ, and was fairly notorious in its day. There may be artists out there, especially since the Hobbit movies are raising fandom interest slightly. Rereading it I really enjoyed myself, spotted some inconsistencies to the source *sigh* and found myself still uncertain how to get to where I wanted to go.

A Question of Trust. (Sherlock Holmes ACD, mildly AU) Currently at 7380 words posted out of 10100 words in the google doc and the last posting was 8 July 2008. Has 5 people who remember it and still visit my LJ, and is part of a series I really should continue working on. Because it is Sherlock Holmes it has a fairly good chance of snagging artwork. Rereading it I enjoyed myself, wondered if I could find the voice again, and realized that I either need to do some serious research or vigorous handwaving in order to finish it.

Alternate Ending to Dirtier by the Dozen. (The New Avengers) Currently at 30,014 words posted out of 54791 words in the google doc. The last post was on 12 Dec 2008, just before I jammed on a key scene. Two votes of being remembered in the poll, and practically no chance of artwork as the fandom is very very tiny. Rereading it I got caught up in the story again, actually thought of a possible way out of the scene which had me stuck before, and still wasn't quite sure how to reach the denoument.

So, not a clear decision in the least. Hence, I'm going to thrown this out to the potential audiences. If I go for this, I'll need a beta (who would need to be willing to listen to me creeb about the plots and make suggestions), and a possible artist (even if said artwork only consists of finding some pictures from the sources which kind of sort of could fit at a few places in the story.) And a cheering section. Oh, yes...

[Poll #1954829]

[Poll #1954830]

[Poll #1954831]

(I should make it clear that possible artists wouldn't be making a commitment straight away to my story, just to also signing up for the bigbang and finding something to illustrate.)
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