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It won't surprise you that my optional details pretty much say what I'm thinking, but I'll note here that looking at my previous yuletide letters with this tag will give you a pretty clear idea of what I like, regardless of fandom.

This year I have two "What happens afterwards" requests, in both instances because the canons have someone who has lived as an orphan most of their life suddenly finds himself or herself part of a "family". Tom, from Tom & Tomas has had more structure than Casey from Candleshoe but neither of them is likely to know what normal looks like, so there are bound to be some bumps in the road. I also like the adults who are going to have to deal with those bumps in both fandoms. If you want to write a delicate romance between Priory and Lady St. Edmund I'd probably be tickled pink, but I do want to know more about how they deal with Casey. I also think that in both of these fandoms the characters would welcome more adventures with glee, and I'm always up for silliness, if you're not comfortable writing domestic tribulations or angstiness.

The New Avengers request, as you can see from previous letters, is perennial. If you don't have time (and who does?) to watch 26 episodes, then hunt out the ones called "Target" and "House of Cards". If you want to go a bit farther try "Last of the Cybernauts", "Dirtier by the Dozen", "Gnaws" and/or possibly "Trap", which has an embarrassing plot, but some good interaction between the three main characters. (Try youtube.)

I wrote a fandom introduction comment over here if that helps.

I'd love to have some cheerful smut for the New Avengers, not really interested in much beyond romance in the other fandoms. My major squicks are pederasty, good characters doing evil things, hurt without the comfort, and torture. I can live with angst, even character death, if that's where your pen takes you, but I would like a touch of hopefulness at the end if you go there.

Thank you! I hope you have fun writing.

ETA: I added Frankenstein, the Nick Dear version, as my fourth request. What I'd be fascinated by there is an AU. What if Victor hadn't fled? What if he'd shown Elizabeth what he'd done while the creature was still childlike and able to learn? Or, what if, given the events of the play, Elizabeth had been able to change the creatures heart by offering friendship? I loved Elizabeth, and think she deserved a better fate.

But of course, whatever inspires you will be good!
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